About Karin

Karin Billings is a multi-faceted artist, using the mediums of acrylics and oils.  Her unique, expressionistic style lends itself to a very broad interpretation: lively figures expressed in amazing colors and motion; landscapes that make you want to reach out and pick a flower or travel across the Ringling Bridge as the sun sets on Sarasota.

A very specialized part of her repertoire is her use of the ancient Asian art form of Gyotaku, which uses real fish to make prints.  The color, texture and shading of each fish is replicated, and every result is a reproduction of the original fish.

Karin has always supported Animal Rights and continues to pledge a portion of her proceeds to Animal Organizations. Married to Jim Billings, Karin lives most of the year in Sarasota, Florida, but returns each summer to Hamburg, Germany.  Please contact Karin by phone or email.  Her studio hours are by appointment only.


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